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Klipkoppies Dorperstoet

Klipkoppies Dorper Stud strives to breed the most economically adapted Dorpers under Natural grazing conditions.
Our animals moves with ease, are hardy, adaptable and very fertile with excellent carcass qualities and carcass palatability. Quality carcasses are produced at 3 – 4½ months directly from natural grazing under normal to good grazing conditions. 90% plus carcasses grade as SA1, SA2,SA3.

Extensive farming is practised at Klipkoppies. Ewes lamb on the veld under normal rainfall- conditions and no supplementary feed is given.

We love to welcome visitors at Klipkoppies.

  • 55 successful production sales offered
  • Done performance testing since 1978
  • Selected more than 15 173 animals as Stud and Type 5
  • Registered more than 3 485 Type 5 and Stud ewes in our Dorper 21 programme since 1999
  • Had all breeding rams on all farms performance tested and phenotypically inspected and selected by inspectors of the SADBS since 1990
  • Identified more than 50 performance tested breeding rams, which have bred 30-79% twins per flock of ewes mated since 2004 ( SA Stud Book
  • Entered more than 17 450 animals on the Shepherd programme
  • Had above high average growth selection indexes
  • Has lambing percentage of about 150% per year
  • Produces quality carcasses which resulted in up to 90% ISO carcasses of which 80% obtained conformation 4 – 5 grading

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