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Kai !Garib Municipality

Kai !Garib Municipality

The Kai !Garib municipality wish to welcome you to our beautiful area.
Tourism Keimoes | Keimoes Information Centre

Keimoes Information Center

Geleë in die Noord-Kaap sowat 40km wes van Upington, is niemand seker
Tourism | Tours | Yingwe Safaris

Yingwe Safaris

Yingwe safari’s, “Yingwe” is a Shangaan word, meaning” Leopard”, are
Upington Local Produce | Calabash Products for Interior Decoration


Calabash is one of the largest producers and suppliers of calabash
Upington Green Kalahari | Green Kalahari Tourism

The Green Kalahari Tourism

Africa has many faces, among them a face that bears unlikely and

Keimoes Tourism

Keimoes culture, shopping, dining and nightlife with outdoor adventures, up-close wildlife encounters and visits to historical sites. Explore caves and nature reserves, or visit a traditional village by day, then enjoy dinner at a hip cafes or luxury restaurants. And if you’re a shopper, bring an extra, empty suitcase. With malls, open-air markets and places that blend the two, you’ll find plenty of unique relics.
Travel for pleasure or business; also the theory and practice of touring, the business of attracting, accommodating, and entertaining tourists, and the business of operating tours. Tourism may be within the Keimoes area.

Go beyond the common perception of tourism as being limited to holiday activity only, as people traveling to and staying in Keimoes attractions outside their usual environment bring satisfying joy that last for ages to come.
Today,Keimoes tourism is a major source of income for the town, and affects the economy and individuals such as small business owners and entrepreneurs.
Visitors the common denominator that covers all the forms of tourism defined above for the same range of purposes. The term embraces three separate categories.
(1) Tourists who are visitors staying away from home for one or more nights for any of the purposes noted above (domestic, or from abroad).
(2) Same Day visitors, also known as tourist day visitors spending at least 3 hours away from home outside their usual environment for general leisure, recreational and social purposes. Many are local residents of an area.
(3) Leisure day visitors spending less than 3 hours away from home but outside their usual environment, for general leisure, recreational or social purposes. These short stay leisure day visitors contribute directly to the local visitor economy and should also be formally recognized in destination management decisions. Most of this third group of visitors is also residents of destinations and their local catchment areas.

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